Water at Grandview Properties is owned and operated by the local municipal government body – the Regional District of Central (“RDCK”) Water is pumped from Kootenay Lake and treated according to government standards. Then it is stored in concrete reservoirs on site. Water is gravity fed to the houses.


Grandview Properties provides a septic service company that operates a distribution field system for the effluent from the lots. Each owner is required to install a septic tank and pump assembly on their lot. The effluent is then pumped to the distribution field.

Power & Telephone

Phases 3 and above – cell phones only
Underground power conduits are provided at the boundary of each lot. Most residents use cell phones for communications.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas is available on site and the main lines are installed as permits are submitted to the Natural Gas Company.


Digital Television is available via DTH (Direct-to-Home).
Satellite availablility – Systems installed at each residence (the owners have to arrange for their own satellite tv system)

Hi-Speed Internet

H-speed wireless internet is available for the residents.

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